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Hello everyone,
today i’m shearing with you our last design. We decided to made it with 2 sizes. That’s because this can be used like a toy for summer, but if some engineer want, they can use it for see the speed of kayak or boats. If you’re thinking about this way of using you can write me on design@eidos3d.it and we can think about some solutions together. I will be really happy to help you. This can be a good start for this use. I trust in team work so this can be a really nice solution.
By this thing you can teach your students how an nozzle can be used.
Print it and follow the pdf file. In this way you can use it and have fan in your pool or your sea. Just take it with your hand and turn yourself to increase speed. You will see how much high can go water.
Enjoy it!

To get free .STL files push the link near here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3653162

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