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What can we do for your business?

We are a team of designer and marketing managers. Our idea is to help little companies and e-commerce companies to produce their own products.

We work in 2 different, but joined, directions. Joining marketing and production, we will be able to find the best and the easier product that you can make by your own. 

About the marketing area, we will provide you all investments needed and the return on investments that you can get from that. We will also provide you a product launch plan. 

About the production, we will provide you the best solution to produce the thing thought from the marketing area. We will also provide you all cad and production drawings. 

What kind of business we can help?

This project is well thought for online shops and little stores. Our idea is to give the opportunity to these kind of shops to produce their own products. We will study your business area and we will be able to find the perfect product for your company

What to do if you want more info?

Write an e-mail to info@eidos3d.it and we will give you all info about collaboration terms

Our history

Since 2017, EIDOS 3D opens an instagram page.

Our dream is to give power to 3D printing and 4.0 technologies.

In order to realize this dream, we are designing an new interface of the page. Now, we make and realize projects that can be dowload for FREE on our website. These can be made by 3D printing or other kinds of metal working.

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NB: we don’t assume responsibility of good realization of the projects that we will give you!

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Free files

Push the menu “works” and find the best thing that you would like to print.

In the article there is a code number save it and send and send an e-mail to delivery@eidos3d.it 

We will answer in 1 working day.

If you don’t see it, have a look in your spam. 

If after 3 days you still don’t see it write us on Skype design@eidos3d.it we will answer as soon as possible and find a solution. 

Always ready for you!



Collaborations make us stronger.

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